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OneLife X

Say hi to a high performance air purifier from Germany. Fully automatic, delivering clinically clean air 24/7, designed to save lives and protect the planet.

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OneLife X air purifier

Take care of your indoor air

The air we breathe is killing us

We spend 90% of our time indoors where air pollution is up to 5 times heavier than outdoors. Fine dust particles smaller than PM1.0 appear even 10 times more often indoors. All those particles cause a variety of problems, from a lack of energy, lowered productivity and focus to very severe damages to your body and health

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OneLife X purifier tilted airflow

Meet OneLife X

The next generation in air purification

Years of research went into building an air purifier that performs at the highest level without compromise when it comes to protecting the environment. OneLife X combines incredible purification performance with the lowest energy footprint, without the need to replace the filter.

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“A revolutionary new air purifier. It uses the same plasma that lives in our stars and Sun.”

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“I was impressed that the connected filter could report the quality of air in your house.”

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“A stylish air purifier that shuns many of the design aesthetics and maintenance issues that plague many models.”

No filter replacement

Saving waste and money, our filter just needs a rinse.

Zero pollution technology

Eliminates particles of all sizes, even ultrafine dust

Highly energy-efficient

Extreme low-power profile, making it absolutely silent.

Designed to protect

Made from renewables like bamboo and recycled PET.

Boost your performance

Better physical and mental health are just a breath away

The OneLife X air purifier captures 99.99% of harmful airborne particles thereby boosting your health, increasing your focus, and improving your sleep.

Clinical clean air

Protects against airborne viruses up to 0,01 micrometer.

Better performance

Improved air quality increases efficiency & productivity by 61%.

More energy

Full recovery at night helps to improve your immune system and energy levels.

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OneLife X plasma field

Plasma Filter Technology

Revolutionary, powerful & efficient

OneLife X does not require the fan to run at high speeds making it absolutely silent, saving you energy and money without generating harmful ozone.



Discover the future of air purification



Experience our sustainable filter technology



Understand how performance and healthy indoor air are related
OneLife X Performance App main screen

Performance App

Proactively controlling your air quality

Higher indoor performance starts with insights about your environment. No need to trust your intuition. Know all the details about the air around you, adjust the settings of the purifier and learn how to improve your health by proactively controlling your air quality.

No need to hide

OneLife X settings

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Our Blog

Read our newest Blog Posts

On our OneLife Blog we are showing you the best life hacks regarding sustainability, health and air quality. Join our mission – stay healthy and save the planet!
Smoke coming out of cooking pot while man is cooking

5 hidden sources of indoor air pollution and how to fight them

Did you ever wonder why you are concerned about the purity of the water you drink, but not the air you breathe every second? You inhale approximately 15,000 or more quarts of air per day without thinking exactly about what you are actually letting in into your body.

Businessman in his office has concentration problems

Air pollutants increase the risk of irreversible sight loss

Researchers from University College in London (UCL) found in its latest study that even low levels of exposure to air pollutants can affect the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). AMD is the main cause of people developing irreversible blindness. This involves the loss of central vision, which is mainly needed for reading or recognizing faces. The study found that people living in areas with high levels of air pollutants are at least 8% more likely to develop the disease.

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A team on a mission

Dedicated to making you healthier at home while protecting the planet.

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Head of Business Development

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Head of Strategy & Operations

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